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Ontario By Bike Rides 2017

OntarioByBikeRides 2017

Just Bring your Bike and Ride!


2017 Cycling In Ontario Guide

  • Ontario By Bike TSL ad for Granfondo Event

2017 Marketing Partnership Opportunities

Cycling in Ontario 2017 Partnership Information
Download PDF copies HERE
 2017 Cycling in Ontario Sales Sheet Back   2017 Cycling in Ontario Sales Sheet Front     

Purchase Order - Cycling In Ontario 2017

Download PDF HERE
2017 Cycling in Ontario Purchase Order Form

2017 Digital Advertising Information

Download PDF copies HERE
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Purchase Orders: (Deadline to receive Purchase Orders - Friday, November 18th - 4pm)

  • All purchase orders and invoicing are being processed by Transportation Options. If you have any direct inquires regarding payment or booking feel free to connect with Michael McCreesh at info@ontariobybike.ca / 1-866-701-2774.


Creative Content: (Submission deadline December 2nd - 4pm)

The dimensions and technical specifications for the half-page ad are:

  • Half page Regular - horizontal: 7.5" w. x 4.91" h.
  • Half page Regular - vertical: 3.674" w. x 10" h.
  • Full page - 7.5" w. x 10" h.
  • Full page bleed - 8.5" w. x 11" h. plus 0.125" bleed on all edges.

When saving your file as a pdf, please make sure your printer fonts and screen fonts are embedded. With QuarkXPress, never use the bold or italic font option on the measurement palette because they donʼt show up on the imagesetter at the printer. If your are working with Illustrator, make sure that your fonts are converted as outlines (Create Outlines) and that your file is CMYK. Send us your file as a high res pdf and make sure your fonts are embedded.


NOTE: As this is a bilingual offer (two publications, one in French, another in English) we will require creative in both languages. Our designer can assist if need be with any additional design and translation needs, if you do not have this available inhouse or with agency.


Submit your CMYK files in High Quality PDF/X1a format with embedded fonts. NO SPOT color. Photos should have a resolution of 300dpi.


Make sure your ad is clearly identified with your business name.


Send your file by e-mail to info@ontariobybike.ca if the file is smaller than 5 MB.
Alternately, please upload your creative to a file sharing website (e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive) and send link to files to Michael at info@ontariobybike.ca.

If you need further clarification please contact Michael at info@ontariobybike.ca


Editorial Content: (Deadline to receive your input by return email is also Friday, December 2nd, 4pm)

There is an opportunity for input on the following:

  • New or existing cycling product/s you would be interested in featuring, can include businesses, ride destinations, routes, events. (Please submit in point form, brief, and we can reconnect with you or research more information if needed.) 
  • Cycling photos - If you have additional high quality photos that show cyclists enjoying your destination, and are not being used in creative, please do submit them to us directly, via Dropbox, Google Drive or Hightail. This is an added opportunity, as all photos used will be credited back to you and your photographer. 


Transportation Options reserve final sign off on editorial content within the Cycling in Ontario / Le vélo en Ontario publication. When submitting editorial input, please send to lmursell@transportationoptions.org and mmccreesh@transportationoptions.org.


On behalf of Transportation Options and the Ontario By Bike Network, we would like to thank you for partnering with us on the 2017 Cycling in Ontario / Le vélo en Ontario publication. 

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